Ønsker du å bli yogalærer?

Ny runde med yogalærerutdanning i 2017!


Iyengar yoga teacher training with Senior Iyengar teacher Glenn Ceresoli

At YogaYoga, Stavanger, Norway, 2017

As several people have requested a new Teacher Training we have prepared the details and are now ready to accept enrolments for a new Teacher Training Course (from here on called TTC) in Stavanger beginning 2017.

2017 will be a preliminary year as preparation for the official two-year teacher-training program.



This preliminary year will be focusing on establishing a confident and regular self-practice based on clarity and understanding. This will serve both the new students of the TT program, and those that are still in the process of preparing for their certification.


Teaching skills will begin in 2018 and will be a part of the course until the end of the course 2020.

Expected requirements from the student:

Home practice 3-5 days a week. Attending regular classes at YogaYoga. For people living outside of Stavanger other certified Iyengar yoga classes are acceptable.

Homework, not only home practice. Self-study, and written assignments will also be expected.


For the new students: At the end of the preliminary year, there will be a practical and a written assignment exam. This will determine if the student is ready and therfore eligible to start a two-year Teacher training program leading on to an Iyengar Yoga Assessment and Certification with the Iyengar Yoga Association.

This official TTC is planned to begin in Stavanger, in 2018.


Dates for preliminary course & workshops 2017:

PS! Dates needs to be confirmed! 

TT                   May     12-14 Glenn Ceresoli

W/Sh               Aug     9-13  Glenn Ceresoli

TT                   Sept    24     Bodil Mauritzen

TT                   Nov      3-5   Glenn Ceresoli

W/Sh               Nov    9-12   Glenn Ceresoli

TT                   Dec    10      Bodil Mauritzen

Italy TTC Retreat 2017: June 24th- July 1st. You may also attend following weeks if you are enthusiastic. See Glenn’s website yogamind.com.au

Dates for February (day), March (weekend), April (day) 2018 will be announced later.


Hours TT weekends with Glenn:

Friday 1830-2130

Saturday and Sunday 1000-1230, 1500-1700


Hours TT days with Bodil:

Sundays 1000-1230, 1430-1700


Hours Workshops March/November with Glenn:

Thursday: 1830-2100

Fri: 1000-1230, 1830-2100

Saturday and Sunday: 1000-1230, 1500-1700



For new TT students:

It is important that the student attend all the workshops, to get the experience, and the number of hours required. If you have previous experience it may compensate for some hours, but that needs to be discussed with Glenn.


For current TT students continuing:

We are starting a new group, as there has been interest from a number of new students. Many of the current students on the TT have or will sit for assessment in near future and some of you may stop attending the TT. However, all current and previous TT students are welcome to regularly continue attending the new course as per our current arrangement, or you may also attend individual TT weekends as a refresher course.

Simply express your interest to attend, so we know, and can arrange for you to be there.


Cost TT weekend with Glenn: 3300 kr. If you are a beginner student, all weekends are required. If you are a continuing student;  1 TT drop in 3600, 2 drop ins 3400, 3 drop ins 3300 nok. 

Cost TT days with Bodil: 850 kr.


2017 will be a year focusing primarily on self-practice. However, during the year there will be some sessions where the students will be divided into groups, and tasks will be given, relevant to their level of experience, according to their personal challenges.


Please send your expression of interest or questions to post@yogayoga.no, to secure your place on this new course.



Bodil Mauritzen


"The Teacher Training course will be very specific; there will be a lot of information, not words on paper, but a more experiential hands on approach. This way it becomes an experience that grows from inside you and will always be with you, forever.


Whilst the course is working towards certification, it’s primary focus is to understand the process of practicing yoga as a system of self management. You will learn a lot about yourself and yoga."

Glenn Ceresoli, Senior Iyengar lærer